A. Parczewski Public Pedagogical Library in Kalisz invites you to participate in the International Ex Libris Kościelniak Brothers Contest.

The year 2023 was announced in Kalisz as the Year of the Kościelniak Brothers. By promoting the activities of the three artists associated with Kalisz, we also aim to popularize the art of bookplates. Our intention is to create a space for the presentation of a small graphic form practiced by artists from Poland and abroad. We would like this prestigious event to have an international range and bring together not only established artists from different parts of the world but beginners as well.

Patrons Contest:

•           Mr Marek Woźniak, the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region

•           Mr Krystian Kinastowski, the President of Kalisz City.

Accepting competition works – until June 15, 2023.

The Contest  rules, the  application form and the mandatory declaration are to be

downloaded from the organizer’s website: https://www.kp.kalisz.pl/